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What is Your Vision?

What is Your Vision?

   In my last blog we talked about dreaming again.  The problem is, everyone has dreams, some are noteworthy, others, well, just a passing thought without context.  It is when we take a dream, an aspiration for our life and turn it into a vision, things can begin to happen that will transform our life.  This is where you take your personal goals and make them a life direction.

    Vision makes up every aspect of our life.  What is it that you want to accomplish?  It doesn't matter your age, young or old, we all need to be striving toward the plans and goals of our life.

     I like this quote from the Book of Jeremiah, 

Image result for I know the plans Jeremiah 29

   This should energize you, there is a plan for your life, and it is one that will prosper you, remembering prosperity os not just about money.  It is a plan that brings hope and a future.

     Right now the world is fearful, the pandemic has seized the world.  Listen, you can step aside from the fear when you realize you have a hope and a future.  Sure, we need to take precautions in our life, but we cannot allow our vision to be set aside.

    Don't have a full idea of what that vision is?  That's okay.  Now is the time to bring it to the forefront of your life. You need to take some time to be visionary.  Lets talk a walk down the pathway that will lead us there.

    I am going to suggest your write out a plan.  What is that dream that fills you with energy each time you meditate on it?  Write it down.

     Are you willing to commit to achieve it? Lets be honest, it is not going to be easy to steer the course in that direction.  Obstacles are going to arise along the way, distractions will try to impede your progress, and unfortunately for some they let it win.  But you are not going to be one of those people.

    What is your career goal?  Family goal?  Financial goal?  Heath goal?  These all are part of what makes up the vision for your present and future.  

    Now, write out what you need to do to achieve in these areas and more.  Your vision statement should be concise, not a long rambling wish list, but in a sentence or two for each area you see yourself moving into, a short plan.

     This is the first step in stepping out.  I have to know where I am going before I can get there, a plan with a path that leads to the plans for my life.

    As you age, the vision changes somewhat.  I'm 67, my youthful days are behind me, but I still have a purpose.  I may not like what I see around me in the world today, but I have hope, and a future to live out and I will not be detoured.

    I retired early, got bored, and started a business because my vision now is to invest in legacy.  I plan to leave something behind, more than money, an influence to shape generations to come because I am living out my vision.

    What about you?  Perhaps in my next blog I will address legacy, its a lifetime commitment to be an agent of change in an every changing world.  Until then, write out your vision, start working your plan

Oct 18, 2020 Bob Briggs

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