Low Prices on Games...You don't have to pay full price at a brick n morter store, shop ours in Everett
Thanks for Shopping

Thanks for Shopping

   Just a thank-you for shopping with us at The Best Puzzles and gifts, either on line or in person.  Several years ago we started this business as an on line company, myself and two grandchildren, with the goal of setting aside enough funds for college.  They were 7 at the forward to today, and we have invested in a physical location as well as on line offering competitive pricing both on line and in store.

    We reinvest the profits outside of expenses to bring you a bigger selection, a plan we will do for the next 8 years with puzzles, games, toys and gifts.  

    We want to say thanks for looking, telling your friends, posting about our business on social media and buying from our small business as we pursue and believe the American dream for people still exists.

Jun 28, 2021

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