Low Prices on Games...You don't have to pay full price at a brick n morter store, shop ours in Everett
Thanks Everett

Thanks Everett

    After three years of being on line, we took a leap of faith during the pandemic and opened a storefront in Everett, Washington to compliment our on-line ( business, signing a five year lease.  

    The response from the people of Everett has been stellar.  They photograph the store, post on social media and shop.  I started the business with a couple of my grandchildren who said they wanted to start the company with me, the plan to pay for their college (they turned 10 this year).

   We appreciate everyone who shops with us, share us on their social media networks, and tells their friends and relatives.  We have been expanding our lines.  Over 1500 puzzles in stock and growing, games, toys and gifts fill the store and on-line.  

     If you are looking to open a storefront, live in the northwest, I would encourage you to look at the City of Everett.  The block we are on has business who promote each other to their customers, you would not be an island here but part of a community.  The Escape Room next door, the Waxology on the other side (waxing for men and women), the yoga studio, barbershop and skateboard store are great neighbors to have.

    Most importantly the people who drop in as well as those of you who shop on line make it encouraging for a small business to believe their is still a place for entrepreneurs to take a risk and see the potential reward.  

    As move intro 2021, hopeful for a cure to the pandemic, believing people can come together around the game and puzzle table, to celebrate life, love and friendship, we thank you for making it possible for us to exist.  

    Thanks for shopping, thanks for spreading the word of our unique shop, if your in the area, drop in, look around and share a moment in the journey we call life.

Feb 01, 2021 The Best Puzzles and Gifts

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