Holiday and the Supply Chain

   Is it too early to talk about the Holiday Season?  I would think not with information coming out on the broken supply chain and labor problems in the retail sector.

    CNN recently reported "The makers of some of the most popular toys in the United States sounded the alarm this week about the global shipping crisis and labor shortages limiting their ability to keep stores stocked throughout the fall holiday shopping season."

     One of my major puzzle supplier has stopped taking orders for the time being in order to fulfill their back orders to which we have a large number and may not have much of their product line in stock for the holidays as we scramble to find other sources for puzzles, toys and games.

    Our main game distributor has an employee shortage which has resulted in our deliveries delayed and as it gets closer to the holidays, I'm sure this will become more of a problem.

     Faced with this uncertainty, my advice to our customers is to buy early which the selection is at its peak.  

     We have been increasing our purchases to be ready for the inevitable hoping that it doesn't happen but with an uptick in the virus, some ports have temporarily closed backing up loading and un loading and making empty containers for shipping a premium.

     What's New At The Best Puzzles and Gifts

   Puzzle wise, we have added Dowdle to our line, new puzzles from most of the lines we carry and some restocking.  In stock we have a 9,000 piece puzzle and some 2000-4000 piece puzzles that will challenge some puzzlers.

    We have added a kids line of real cookware from two companies to inspire bakers and cooks in their formative years.

    And more board games to keep things from being boring in the winter months.  New and throwbacks like Chinese Checkers are sure to make for some fun evenings.

    We appreciate your business as we continue to reinvest our profits to provide and ever increasing selection for you on-line or in-person buying.  

    Hopeful the supply chain gets back to normal, the virus goes away and friends and family gather around the table to play games, assembly puzzles and build memories.

Sep 14, 2021 Bob Briggs

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