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Embrace Your Legacy by Doing this First

We have come through a tumultuous past year filled with unrest, discord, disunity, and more. The pandemic has altered the way we live and conduct business. Relationship have either strengthened or unfortunately frayed with the close quarters some people have kept working from home, or not working. For some, friends and relatives have passed and the opportunity to grieve has been stunted because of the pandemic not allowing for gathers, the same also true for wedding and gatherings.

It is enough to almost move us to the edge of frustration, a vaccine coming available though it will be a long road toward some sort of normalcy.

Talking with people, I hear the frustration. I want to encourage you in the midst of all this, its time for you to turn a corner in your life, a turn in the positive direction, something you can do right now that will make a difference in how you view and live you life.

It’s so simple, you might life, or even find it too easy, you might even laugh it off. Don’t.

I know, I’m a business person, I sell fun in the form of puzzles, games, gifts and toys. All which can and will make a difference in your enjoyment of life, but none that will be as effective as what I am about to suggest you do, something that will not cost you anything but will make a shift in your life if you are not already doing it.

Here is the thing. Valentines Day is just around the corner, a time where we celebrate love. Before you can love others, you must first do this, LOVE YOURSELF.

What? That’s the big thing? It is. Before you can enjoy life to its fullest, to love others, to send the XOXO cards and candy this next month you must first love yourself. WOW.

In fact, stop for a moment while you are ready this, wrap your arms around yourself, and give yourself a hug. Sounds corny doesn’t it. Hugging yourself. Just try it. Wrap those arms around and squeeze, hold it for a moment. You are loveable. Why? Because you love yourself. No matter how positive or negative others might have been toward you, you are all you can be because their opinions are not as important as how you feel about yourself.

How did that hug feel? Hug yourself again. Get up every morning and give yourself a hug this coming week, stand in front of the mirror, hug yourself, tell yourself I love me.

If everyone would love themselves, we would not have time in the world for hate. We would leave a legacy of love as we pass through this world

Celebrate your life, do something special for you, because you deserve something special. Laugh, Live, Love, yourself first then let it spread to others. No matter what is going on around you, its what’s happening in you that will make a difference. 

Jan 24, 2021 Bob Briggs

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