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Dream Again

Dream Again

    This year has been quite a roller coaster ride.  We have gone from the great employment numbers to the worst unemployment numbers, from celebrating in large gathers to small get togethers.  I could go on, but suffice to say the world has changed because of the pandemic, a new norm has settled in, a new way of living has taken over.

   Through this, people have lost sight of their potential, and I am here to say, It's Time to Dream Again. Stop setting aside the future with hopes of change, you be the change, revive your dream, set up a plan, make it happen.

    While I own a puzzle and gift shop, and of course I would like you to buy, that's part of my dream, even if you are not buying from us, I want to invest in you with words that will encourage not discourage, to help you establish a plan and execute that plan so you are moving forward not backward in this difficult time.  It starts with renewing your dream.

    We live in a day where we are bombarded by social media, everyone has something they want us to believe in, right, left, up, down, this candidate, that candidate, they depress us with pointing out flaws and character traits.  You need to set all that aside and first of all believe in yourself.  

    That's right, a belief in yourself is paramount to dreaming again.  Don't be influenced by what others say, be influenced by what you believe and catapult that belief into formulating the dream you will act upon.

     So what is it, that big dream you were preparing for before the world turned upside down?  It may be a personal dream, a bucket list of events you wanted to accomplish.  It might be a business dream, a direction you want to go, a promotion you are looking to move into, a business you want to start or grow, the path of work you wanted to follow.  It might be an educational dream, a degree, additional education, books you wanted to read to enhance your knowledge.    

    Prioritize those dreams, write them down, then begin to formulate a plan.

I like the quote from Robert Kennedy: "Some men see things as they are, and ask why. I dream of things that never were, and ask why not."

     Dreams are ideas, thoughts images we formulate which we may or may not act upon.  Next blog I want to write about the thing which will make dreams come true, being a visionary.  You need our dreams to set the table for your actions, but you need to be a visionary to make this really come true.  We are all dreamers to come extent, and our dreams are left in a place where we may or may not act on them, it is when the vision shapes change comes.  Are you ready for that in your life?  Then join we this coming week as we explore The Vision

Oct 09, 2020 Bob Briggs

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