Low Prices on Games...You don't have to pay full price at a brick n morter store, shop ours in Everett

Beat the upcoming prices increase coming Nationally

    It seems almost a daily thing right now, suppliers sending out notices of prices increases and a supply chain problem in filling orders.  As gas prices continue to rise, shipping surcharges are being added with rate increases looming on the horizon as well.

     Bottom line: Looking to beat the increases buy today for your birthday, anniversary, holiday and just because I want to, gifts.  

    We try to maintain low pricing but the reality of inflation and a desire to be in business years from now mean we will be addressing the surge in costs which will affect you.  

    Our plan is to maintain prices as low as possible for us and remain a profitable company.  In the puzzle business we are already lower priced for most of our puzzle compared to our competition which makes us a less expensive choice for our in-store customers as well.    We want people to gather around the game and puzzle table, communicating in person, having fun, building memories.  That's why we take a smaller profit hoping our volume will make up the difference.

    No one likes to pay more and we want to do what we can to ease the pain.  Some products we are absorbing the increase as we can.  We just want you be aware of what is coming in the retail marketplace as not everyone will be following our business example. So if you can, shop early for your Christmas gift giving, while prices are at their lowest and selection at its peak.

Jul 16, 2021

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