Low Prices on Games...You don't have to pay full price at a brick n morter store, shop ours in Everett

About Us

    We are a family run on line retailer.  I started the business in 2017 as an educational tool for my twin grandchildren (and if this goes well, I have other grandchildren I will be looking for business models).  The plan is to develop a business which will provide funding for their college education and beyond.  Though in elementary school today, they have provided input and have made out orders for some of the merchandise we sell.

    With the addition of a physical store, we are offering a unique mix of products, from puzzles, gifts, games and more.  Some items will only be sold at the store and not on line because of their size, dimensions (like large piece puzzles, and gifts), and weight.  We want to make the in-person shopping experience unique with merchandise for you, and a great selection for birthdays, anniversaries, wedding, Christmas and other holidays. We seek out products not necessarily found in department and large chains.  Some are crafted by small companies so you can give a gift not everyone might have had access to.  We attempt to have new merchandise in all our categories added every week or two to make each visit a fun shopping adventure.  Some items are one and out, others are restocked on a regular basis.  

    In-store shoppers can save 5% by paying in cash rather than credit card, and of course everyone can join our reward program and accumlated points for a 5-20% discount on a shopping spree.

    Best Puzzles and Gifts has located to a physical store (opening Nov 18th), 1315 Hewitt Ave, Everett, Washington 98201.  In the area come see us.

    We are not a discount shop other than the above mentioned cash and reward program.  We offer quality merchandise at a fair market price, reinvest most of the profit in additional inventory to offer you a great selection.  

   You have multiple options on shipping.  Our goal is to ship within 24 hours during the business week.

    If its out of stock or you don't see it listed email us, we place regular orders with our suppliers to replenish and increase or stock.  

      We hope you become regular customers, send us suggestions for lines you would like to see (robertbriggs@thebestpuzzles).  Share information with your friends when you are  puzzling or on social media and remember to bookmark our site.  

   The pandemic has accelerated business, we are adding new puzzles and gifts on a weekly basis, discontinued our game line though we plan to offer games for family and children.  The addition of our gift line has new lines we are excited about.